I'm Afraid of the Dentist

A lot of people avoid seeing their dentists out of fear. Some have gone through a painful experience during a routine tooth extraction when they were younger. Others may be ashamed that they may be judged for their bad teeth during a visit. There are some who fear that the stereotypes about dentists may be true. If there’s something holding you back from seeing a dentist, then it’s best to deal with your issues now than face a lifetime of oral health problems.

At Highland Dental Clinic, Drs. Robert K. and Robert T. Klein and our staff understand our patients' needs and concerns and will make sure that their visit will always be pleasurable, enjoyable, and fun!

The biggest fear that most people have about visiting their dentist is that their procedure would be painful. There’s no need to be scared and put off your appointment, as our staff can help you deal with any fears and anxieties associated with pain with the help of dental sedation. We offer various levels of sedation in order to calm down a patient. From a simple pill to calm your nerves, to more immediate sedatives that’ll put you temporarily asleep during your procedure, we make sure that you’re always comfortable and free from pain.

Another factor that makes people fear their dentist is the environment of the clinic itself. A serious and hospital-like environment can surely make anyone nervous. At Highland Dental , we make sure that you’re always relaxed and at ease during your stay. Our friendly and caring staff will provide you with blankets and neck pillows to keep you warm and snug while lying down on our dental chair. We’ve got drinks, music, and a great selection of movies to keep you occupied when you’re in for a lengthy procedure.

Our doctors and staff have a genuine concern for the well-being of all our patients. You won’t be judged or lectured about the way your teeth look and will always be given the utmost care and respect during your stay. There’s nothing to fear with your Kansas dentists and staff, as you’ll always be welcome here at Highland Dental.

If you have any concerns or questions about dealing with any of your fears, then don’t hesitate to give our clinic a call at (816) 792-8030 and we’ll gladly help you out. Let Doctors and our team of experts take care of your oral health today!

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